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Burns Supper

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The Burns Supper

David M. Arnold

Burns Supper Program

Highland Dress Invited

    Welcome Address and Invocation
    Recitation of the Selkirk Grace
    Piping In of the Haggis. The haggis is paraded around the dining room to the skirl of bagpipes playing Scotland the Brave. Sometimes a man in highland dress precedes the haggis with crossed bottles of Whisky.
    The Piper's Toast
    Recitation of the Address To A Haggis
    Serving of Dinner

    During dinner, the following formalities are observed:

      President's Address: A privilege or a burden of office, depending on how you look at it...

      The Address to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns: Offered by a senior Club member or guest speaker, this is a moderate-length speech that reflects on some aspect of Robert Burns and his contributions. Depending on the speaker, it may be humorous, sentimental, romantic, or most likely, all three.

      Toast to the Lassies: A light-hearted salute by a male Club member in appreciation of the fairer gender.

      The Lassies' Reply: A similarly light-hearted reply by a female Club member.

      "Sangs and Clatter:"

        Scottish dancing
        Pipe Tunes
        Performances on Violin and Keyboard

      Singing of Auld Lang Syne: All attendees in a circle holding hands.

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