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In Memorium
Marjorie A. Garlock Cather

It is with great sadness that the Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee notes the unexpected death of Marjorie ("Marge") A. Garlock Cather, a charter member of the club and a subscriber and contributer to the club's book, Mither Wit and Native Fire: The Genius of Robert Burns (1992). She was 78 years old when she passed away on July 24, 2001. She is buried in Delafield, Wisconsin.

She and her husband Clarence were active Burnsians and Scots, holding offices in various organizations. The most striking thing about Marge was her smile. There was a formal portrait in her house and people didn't recognize her at first because they had never seen her without a smile. Her friendliness and her innate poise and grace always lit up the room when she entered it. And her incredible home baked cookies (she was never allowed to take the leftovers home after a meeting) were always exceptionally popular.

For the club's book, she wrote A Thumbnail Sketch of Jean Armour, noting the married happiness Jean brought to Robert Burns.

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