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Burns Supper

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The Burns Supper

David M. and Susie M. Arnold

Traditional Burns Supper Menu

Cheese, Fish (herring or chubs) and Oat Cakes (appetizer)

Cock-A-Leekie Soup
Bashed Neeps (mashed turnips)
Chappit Tatties (mashed potatoes)
Roast Beef and Vegetables (main course)


Recently, our Club has begun to offer a choice of entree (meat, fish, and vegetarian) as the dietary needs of our Membership has broadened.

Our family also conducts a private Burns supper, following the traditional menu. We serve home-made oat cakes with Stilton, Nova salmon rosettes, and we substitute Clapshot (a dish from Orkney comprising turnips and potatoes mashed together) for the Neeps and Tatties. For dessert, we serve home-made Dundee Cake and shortbread.


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