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    From time to time we find mail in our inbox that we feel has interest to other Burns lovers. We will post appropriate material on this page. As to what it is we find appropriate -- well, for that your intrepid wabster shall answer solely to his own judgement.

    Updated 23 March 2010

    I would first like to congratulate you on a most interesting and
    informative burns page.
    My name is Iain and I live near Aberfeldy in the Scottish highlands. I
    have recently started a small business selling handmade Scottish sporrans
    and other kilt accessories, all of our sporrans are made in Scotland using
    traditional methods, we are one of only a few highland wear business that
    donít sell cheap  imports from china and Pakistan as we believe these to
    be of very poor quality.
    We also specialise in bulk dress or horsehair sporran orders for pipebands.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to be added to your websites links
    page. My website is
    Please let me know if you would like any more information...
    Kind Regards

    I came across your site for the Milwaukee Burns Club and wanted to drop you a 
    quick note.  I work for, based in Edinburgh, the world's largest 
    online Scottish shop. We stock authentic kilts, kilt outfits and accessories and 
    we've also just launched a unique tartan designer that allows people to design 
    their own tartan and have it woven and made into garments.  We offer any 
    product, in any tartan (including all Burns tartans).
    I thought our site might possibly be of interest to you, and I would like to 
    offer your club a 10% discount on purchases from our site.  In return, I 
    wondered if it would be possible for you to include a link to us on your website?
    Is this is of interest?  If so, please let me know and I can arrange to have a 
    discount code set up for the club.
    Many thanks,
    Best wishes,
    Caitrin Stewart
    Scotweb Marketing Ltd.
    Units 3-4
    14 Springvalley Gardens
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    EH10 4QG
    Tel: 0131 452 8198
    Dear Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee Many of you will already be aware of our Worldwide Toast to Robert Burns and may have participated last year or, in fact, have already held your event and participated this year! If so, then apologies for another communication but as you will appreciate, we are trying to spread the word as far and as wide as possible. Please do pass this email on to your fellow members and anyone else who may be toasting Robert Burns in the coming months! Thank you so much. 2010 WORLDWIDE TOAST TO ROBERT BURNSRobert Burns Statue in Dumfries Julie & Steve would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone around the globe to take part in our second Worldwide Toast to Robert Burns. In celebration of the Homecoming Year, our first Worldwide Toast was such a resounding success that we wanted to do it all again. Last year, the response we received from at home and abroad was overwhelming and glasses were raised on all seven continents with just under 30,000 toasts registered from every corner of the globe. We very much hope that we can count on everyone's support to do it all again!! We recognise that Burns Suppers and events take place not only on 25th January but during quite a few of the surrounding months so Toasts on any dates can be registered. Taking part in the Worldwide Toast is easy. Just visit the Worldwide Toast web-site

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