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      About the OnLine Works [Top]

      The Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee is pleased to present, as a public service to Burns devotees everywhere, the Complete Works of Robert Burns. These pages were developed from the Complete Works of Robert Burns EText provided by Project Gutenberg. The EText was processed to put each poem or song into its own HTML file, to create various indexing schemes, and to cross-reference each word with the Glossary. Footnotes, provided by Burns, by other editors, and by our Webmaster, are also defined as hot links for ease of use.

      Please note that, although transcription errors that may exist within the Project Gutenberg EText are corrected as they are detected, the Works as a whole have not been thoroughly proofread. Please feel free to address comments, criticisms, errors, omissions, typos, and glossary additions to the Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee webmaster. We look forward to hearing from you.

      Glossary Hotlinks [Top]

      The program that performs the glossary cross-reference operates as a simple-minded pattern matcher. Burns switched between "standard" English and the Scots dialect in his Works, and the same word may have different meanings in the two languages. For example, take the word but. But is in our glossary with the meaning without or wanting, when used in the Scots dialect. However, Burns uses but in the standard English sense, as well.

      While you, the Reader, can discern the meaning from context; our simple-minded pattern matcher can't. So, please bear in mind that the glossary hot links are provided merely as a convenience for looking up meanings that might not be familiar or make sense to you.

      Indexing Options [Top]

      The following indices are provided:

      Concordance How to Use [Top]

      We have included a simple, active concordance of Burns's Works. This index lists all important words, with links to the works that contain those words. A number of trivial words have been excluded.

      Please remember that Burns's spelling was quite variable. No attempt has been made to reconcile the various spellings or usages of the words. This concordance is included as a tool for scholars researching Burns and his works.

      Please note that the Concordance pages are quite large (nearly 400K in some cases), and may take some time to load. Any suggestions on how to make the Concordance easier to use should be forwarded to the webmaster.

      Copyright and Disclaimer [Top]

      The Works of Robert Burns (1759-1796) are in the Public Domain.

      This means that no one owns a United States copyright on or for this work, so the Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee (and you!) can copy and distribute it in the United States without permission and without paying copyright royalties.

      The HTML layouts of the Works as contained in this site are copyright (C) 1998, 1999 by the Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee. The Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee grants permission to reproduce and to distribute these Works for educational and non-profit purposes, provided the Club logo is included. All other rights are reserved.

      The Works of Robert Burns contained within this Site are provided on an As-Is basis with no warranty expressed or implied as to the completeness nor the accuracy of the transcription.

      A Personal Note [Top]

      Although I have long been a fan of Burns and his works, I developed a fuller appreciation of his genius while developing this Website. I owe much of this appreciation to the HTML medium itself, and especially to the the ability to hot-link some of the archaic words Burns used to the Glossary. Take a poem like The Vision. By reading the HTML version, and using the glossary links to immediately look up Scots words, I gained not only a better understanding of the poem itself, but also a better appreciation of Burns's wit and his mastery of language.

      It is my hope that you will also find this format and presentation of Burns's work both enjoyable and educational.


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Copyright and Disclaimer

Unless otherwise noted, all material on this site is copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001 The Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee. Permission is granted to freely use this material for educational or non-profit purposes. All other rights reserved.

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