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      The 2010 Annual General Meeting was held on 21 April, 2010 at the home of Jock Smith. [ Photo Gallery ]

      Club Officers for 2010:

      • President; Jock Smith.
      • V/P.& Newsletter editor: Wendy Uhl.
      • Sec. Linda Daly.
      • Treasurer: Ian Day.

      President's Report:

      The AGM, was held at the house of Pres. Jock and Donna Smith's home in Waukesha. After the Business meeting was over, the members had a lively debate on various subjects about the life and times of Burns. Whether Burns would have lived longer and written much more if he had been fortunate enough to have had a benefactor to help him along. His poetry relating to Robert Ferguson and his early illness and how the hard grind of working on the farm was a great part of his early demise.

      Pres. Jock read a piece of poetry from Thomas Walker a tailor from Pool, castigating Burns for his wild ways before he was due to emegrate to the west indies.

      This piece was supposed to illicit a reply from Burns which is printed in nearly all editions as " Reply to a Trimming Epistle to a tailor " Much discussion followed about whether Burns actually wrote the reply or was it by someone else, ( William Simpson, schoolmaster?? ) The pres. remarked that it was one of the best meetings of the club in his time as a member and that this was the reason we have Burns clubs.

      A sad note was that this would be the last meeting our good friend Pete Kucik would be attending before leaving to start her new life, Pres Jock thanked her for her wonderfull hospitality when she and her husband Shevie opened their house and we had our club meetings there for many years. Jock said she would be sorely missed and the other members expressed their sadness at her leaving, but wished her every success in her new life. The date and time of the next meeting was scheduled for May 19th at the home of Pres. Jock & Donna home. 7.39pm.

      -- Jock Smith, President

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